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Excellent products aren't developed in a vacuum.

We compare diverse quality parameters and consumer-relevant characteristics, emphasize practical test design for real-life conditions and consider current regulations and standards.

Establish the strengths and weaknesses of a product in direct competition with equivalent articles in order to:

In comparison, we have a lot of experience.

Hohenstein has compared products for manufacturers, brands, retailers and consumer organizations since the 1950s.
Productos de consumo

We develop test scenerios that realistically simulate usage conditions for textile-related consumer products (as diverse as gloves, bags, jackets, shirts, denim, bedding, paper towels and lint rollers). Our wealth of experience allows us to customize testing to your requirements.


Developing innovative products requires the right inputs. Our customized testing plans help you develop materials or source the right technologies, ensuring they fit specific requirements.

Sustancias químicas

We conduct customized testing on the effectiveness and safety and sustainability of chemicals and biocides. We also provide standardized testing such as the EU Eco Label, IKW recommendations and A.I.S.E.


To obtain practical and reliable results, we developed a unique system to assess stain removal capability and color protection in cleaners, detergents, washing agents, washing machines and dryers (white goods) as well as other household appliances.


Comparison + Development

Abastecimiento más sostenible

>21.000 empresas han certificado millones de materias primas, procesos y productos. El acceso a la lista es online y gratuito.
Ben Mead
Director General
Hohenstein Américas