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¿Qué es diligencia debida de la cadena de suministro?

In short, a company is responsible for protecting human rights and the environment - throughout its supply chain. This requires the company to look beyond its own operations to its (direct and indirect) business partners.

Due diligence requires taking structured actions, including:

  • Regularly analyzing, prioritizing and disclosing risks
  • Building policies and mechanisms for prevention
  • Promptly mitigating and addressing adverse impacts
  • Providing channels for all stakeholders to receive information and to report issues (without retribution)
  • Publicly communicating the existence, policies, solutions and mechanisms for all of the above

German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

The law affects supply chain partners outside of Germany too!

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (or "Supply Chain Act") came into force in January 2023.

The law requires companies to implement defined due diligence obligations for respecting human rights and certain environmental requirements.

The law:

  • Affects companies with headquarters, administration, statutory seat or branch in Germany
    • 2023: Companies with >3,000 employees
    • Starting 2024: Companies with >1,000 employees
  • Makes the company responsible for any actions:
    • Within its own business area
    • By its direct contractual partners
    • By other (indirect) suppliers

What does the German Supply Chain Act require of companies?

  • Determine internal responsibilities
  • Establish a risk management system
  • Conduct regular risk analyses
  • Issue and publish a policy statement
  • Establish preventive measures
  • Establish and implement corrective measures for any violations
  • Establish a complaints procedure
  • Document and annually report on supply chain management

Compliance with the German Supply Chain Act is monitored and enforced by the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). Its tasks include:

  • Checking compliance with reporting obligations
  • Conducting inspections
  • Detecting, eliminating and preventing violations
  • Imposing coercive sanctions and fines

Solutions for Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains

Regardless of how your company has prepared, we offer customized services for managing due diligence requirements.
Soporte personalizado

No estás solo.

We offer:

  • Tailor-made solutions for due diligence in supply chains:
    Together, we develop practical and realistic measures with a strategy tailored to your company.
  • Project support:
    We support you in creating conditions, policies and communications, and imlementing them in your supply chains. Through our global network, we provide world-class, local support.

Missing Pieces

Already have a strategy, but missing some elements to comply with supply chain due diligence?

We offer:

  • Status:
    In a joint workshop, we shed light on your business activities to obtain a supply chain status quo.
  • Gap Analysis:
    Together, we identify possible gaps in your sustainability concept and define a roadmap, roles and responsibilities for targeted implementation.


Have you already extensively prepared for legal compliance, strategy and responsibilities?

These certifications are the next step for the practical implementation of due diligence obligations.


  • Botón verde 2.0
    The German government seal for sustainable textiles that requires compliance with corporate due diligence as one of the two pillars - Hohenstein is a certification body approved to award the Green Button label.


Tool and certification to implement human rights and environmental due diligence in your own management and your suppliers'.

Botón verde

In addition to environmental requirements for products and manufacturing conditions, the German state seal for sustainable textiles sets demanding requirements for corporate due diligence processes. With certification, you also fulfil the conditions of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.
Ben Mead
Director General
Hohenstein Américas